I’m Brutus and, at only eight weeks old, I became the youngest ever business-dog (or puppy). As challenges go, this was huge! I mean, I hadn’t even learned to walk to heel by then. Anyway, not one to shy from a challenge, I donned my favourite collar and put my best paw forward to bring you some paw-some products from the funkiest parts of the dog world.

Dog Toys For Dogs And Puppies

I’m so proud to bring you dog toys from brands such as Beco PetsKongWest Paw, and Petface. Extra tough chewers, we also cater for you with our almost indestructible dog toys with a refund or replacement guarantee! And you'll love our eco range – natural, recycled, made from sustainable sources – it’s all here.


Tried And Tested

Everything on The Bark Side has been personally tested by yours truly. If it doesn’t pass my rigorous testing regime (and indeed some haven’t) then it won’t be available on The Bark Side. So when you see the Approved By Brutus stamp you can be assured of the quality.

Eco Friendliness

I also have a strong social conscience and want to try to make the world a nicer place to live, or at least, avoid making a negative impact. Climate change just isn’t cool. So wherever possible The Bark Side uses packaging and materials that can be recycled or reused, and I’ve sourced some dog toys that are made from natural, recycled, or sustainable materials. Find out more on the Environment page.

Loyalty Discounts

The Bark Side is a friendly online community for dogs (dogs welcome, humans tolerated). Whatever your breed, size, shape, or age you’re welcome here. One of the best things about us doggos is our loyalty. And to show my loyalty to you, my friends, if your people leave us a review on Google or Facebook, or they email me a photo of you using a product you’ve purchased from The Bark Side, then I’ll send you a code for 10% off your next order. Now, we all know that money doesn’t really mean anything to dogs. So let me explain it to you this way: discounts for hoomans mean more toys and treats for dogs!