How Do We Guarantee You The Best Dog Products?

How Do We Guarantee You The Best Dog Products? do we guarantee you the best dog products?

With a little help from our friends, of course!

Our friends are often put to work; we don’t just rely on our own knowledge or experiences.  We operate a “test and learn” approach to everything we do.  Some examples include:

  • Friends being put to work when they visit – testing our dog and puppy products with their own pets so we have a more holistic view of quality and performance;
  • Those who live further away being asked to trial a new delivery method and report back on their experience;
  • Longer term testing with friends using our products with their pets at home on a daily basis to see how durable they are with different dog sizes and breeds.

Tried And Tested

You see, we want our customers to be able to buy with confidence.  We know our dog products are quality, that they’re tried and tested, and that they’re good for canine enrichment and canine entertainment (not to mention the human entertainment that goes hand-in-hand with the canine entertainment!).  But we also want you to be able to count on us to provide the best dog toys, the best dog collars, the best leads, the best food and water bowls…you get the idea.  And we want you to be sure that we’re going to deliver what we promise – the best dog products at great prices, with outstanding customer service.

Continuous Feedback

So feedback from friends and customers is absolutely vital to life on The Bark Side.  We’re here to serve you, not the other way around.  You’re more than a number to us; you’re a valued customer and we want to get it right, first time, every time.  We definitely should ask for more reviews of our products and services, but equally, we don’t want to bombard people with emails.  We need to find a happy medium, somewhere between radio silence and stalking!  

We love to hear from customers; all feedback is valuable to us.  If you’d like to see us change something or add a particular type of product, then please just bark.  Sorry, shout.  Or email, whichever you prefer.

Our Products For Dogs And Puppies

Thus far, in our range of toys for dogs and puppies, we have a range of durable dog toys for tough chewers, which come with a manufacturer-backed guarantee.  We also stock soft toys for dogs and puppies, dog toys with squeakers, dog toys without squeakers (for those who don’t like noisy dog toys), and a range of environmentally friendly dog toys.  These eco friendly dog and puppy toys are made from sustainable materials (such as bamboo, hemp rope, rice husk, and recycled plastic bottles).  Whether your dog likes fetch, play with tug toys, chew, hunt for the food in treat toys, or just snuggle, we’ve got their new favourite dog toy.  With toys from brands such as Kong, West Paw, and Beco Pets, you can be assured that these are top-dog quality.

Have you noticed that everything on The Bark Side is just a little bit different, out of the ordinary?  Our collars and leads for dogs and puppies are no exception.  We stock a range of Rogz collars and leads that are funky and perfect for the dog about town, or the beach, or countryside… We also have Rogz slip leads, which we stock and use on the advice of our favourite dog behaviourist, Dogtor Grace.  And for those who want to make a positive impact on the environment, we stock Lupine collars and leads which are made from recycled plastic bottles.  Talk about green credentials!  The Lupine dog collars and leads also come with the manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee, which means you can choose a refund or replacement in the event that they are destroyed or damaged, even if that is caused by chewing!

And finally, we have a range of food and water bowls that are sustainably sourced.  That is, food and water bowls for home, which are made from bamboo (you’ll probably know that bamboo grows really quickly so it’s become a go-to material for those wanting to avoid single use plastics).  And we have a range of collapsible bowls for use while out walking, made from BPA-free silicone, so that your dog always has their own bowl when they’re on an adventure in the middle of nowhere, or when you stop at a pub for a drink.


If you’ve any ideas of new products you’d like to see on The Bark Side, or if you’d like us to do something differently, then please tell us.  After all, The Bark Side is your place as much as it is ours; it’s a way of life, an attitude, a pack.  And all pack members are equal.  Well, except Brutus, because he’s the boss.