Welcome To The Bark Side's New Website

Welcome To The Bark Side's New Website

New Website Launch!

Welcome to the new website for The Bark Side.  We received compliments about our previous site, but we decided it was time for a face lift, and this new one has some additional features that we hope you’ll like as much as we do.

Customer Happiness

As you know, life on The Bark Side is all about quality, authenticity and customer happiness.  Our ultimate aim is to become a household name and the first stop for dog toys and puppy toys.  The main difference between us and the “others” is that we care.  We’ve heard stories about a certain chain store (you know the one) where people have complained because of a damaged “indestructible” dog toy, or a snapped lead during a walk (that must have been terrifying!) and the response was that their stuff is tested and they’re happy with the quality.  What?!  Well we wouldn’t be!

Let’s not pretend we’ve never had a customer complaint on The Bark Side, although they are, mercifully, rare. 

After a show in late 2019 a lady emailed us to say that her dog had damaged a toy she’d bought from us at the event.  She sent a photo of the damage and we were horrified to see that her dog had indeed caused damage to the toy.  This is how we sprang into action: we firstly apologised.  A lot.  It’s likely that we were more upset than the customer was!  We asked whether she’d prefer a refund or a replacement.  She chose a refund, so we processed it immediately and sent her a screenshot to confirm that it had been done.  The lady then responded to say thank us, and that it was “amazing service”.  Wow.  That was both a happy ending and a relief. 

You see, people are so used to poor customer service nowadays that that they almost expect it, and that just can’t be right.  On The Bark Side we treat people how we want to be treated.  If we’re not happy with something, we don’t want to go into battle over it – we just want the problem put right.  Obviously, we’d prefer it if there wasn’t a problem in the first place, but this is life and things happen.

We’re passionate about customer service.  Well, customer happiness, as we call it.  We try to avoid issues and disappointment proactively by testing everything in real-life conditions before we put it on sale.  You’ll probably already know that Brutus (our Miniature Poodle...who thinks he's a German Shepherd) is the brains (and the teeth) of the operation, and he’s the real-life tester of all of our products.  We don’t care how good a brand’s reputation is, Brutus still tests it before we decide to stock it.  He weeds out the products that don’t make the grade so that you can buy with confidence whenever you see the Approved by Brutus stamp.

The Testing Continues

We also have some friends with dogs who have even bigger teeth and are more aggressive chewers than Brutus.  It’s no good having friends if you can’t ask them to do you a favour occasionally, is it?  So every now and again, we’ll ask for someone to do some extra testing for us.  Our friend Bonnie is a Staffie-cross (we reckon she’s a Staffie crossed with a crocodile) and she destroys toys as though she’s biting through a Mr Whippy.  It turned out that the Zogoflex® Jive by West Paw was no match for Bonnie, and it’s still going strong, even after spending months being subjected to Bonnie’s jaws.  That’s a huge result for that dog toy!

We also have a friend named Dino who’s a black Labrador; he lives up to the breed’s reputation of being a bit mental (in a good way) and eating EVERYTHING.  Dino has been playing with the PitchDog SportBall by Collar Company and he had so much fun with it.  His people were very impressed.

And then there’s Bodhi, he’s a Lhasa Apso who is super-spoilt (as all dogs should be) but whose people say that if they tried to tuck him up in a blanket (as we do to Brutus) he’d bite their face off!  He’s spent over six months roughing up Randy the Raccoon from the Beco Pets Stuffing-Free Toy Range, and he finds it loads of fun. 

And that brings us neatly back around to customer happiness.  It matters as much to us as it matters to you.  When you make a purchase from The Bark Side, you become a member of our pack, and we look after our pack.