HOWL - Combatting Dog Theft

Have you downloaded our HOWL app to combat dog theft?  It's free, you know!  Learn more here: 

Learn more about the HOWL app to combat dog theft

Dog toys and treats are only a part of our offering.  We also want to ensure dogs' safety and can think of little worse than a beloved dog being stolen.  

Dog theft is awful for owners, but how much worse must it be for the dogs themselves? They not only have the trauma of the incident and separation from their people, but they would likely be scared, confused, potentially lonely, injured, and more.  Are they cold, fed, watered?  Do they have a bed...?  We could go on.  

These fears motivated us to create the HOWL app to combat dog theft during walks.  It's FREE to download and FREE to use. 

Learn more about the HOWL app to combat dog theft

HOWL is the spearhead of our movement to combat dog theft. 

We also want to empower dog owners and dog walkers to recognise other behaviours that can play into the hands of a would-be dog thief, and to make small changes to reduce the risk of dog theft in many situations.  That's why we've curated a list of dog theft-prevention tips to complement the HOWL app - have a read here.