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Beco Natural Rubber Bone

Beco Natural Rubber Bone

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The Beco Bone is an awesome dog toy!

Brand: Beco Pets
Suitable For: Dogs and puppies of all ages
Use with or without treats
Available Colours: Pink, blue, or green
Materials: Natural rubber


Vanilla scented. Has a space for treats, but can be used without treats, keeping your dog occupied for longer while they eagerly await their walk.

The Beco Natural Rubber Bone dog toy is made from thick, springy natural rubber.  Harvested from the trunk of rubber trees, natural rubber takes the best from nature.  It harnesses the natural strength and elasticity of the trees, making it perfect for dog chew toys.

Available in one size - medium, roughly 17.5cm/7" long.

No toy is indestructible, so always use under supervision.  Replace when worn.

Brutus' Review

The Beco Natural Rubber Bone is made from natural rubber…and it’s scented with vanilla! But even better – your people can make it extra special for you by stuffing it with treats! As a finishing touch, as them to 'seal' the end with your favourite spread…or even play with no treats at all (the horror! But it’s still fun to play with, even on its own). 

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