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KONG Flexball Toy For Dogs And Puppies

KONG Flexball Toy For Dogs And Puppies

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Brand: KONG
Suitable For: Dogs and puppies
Features: A "football" for dogs that won't be popped
Sizes: One size - Medium/Large - roughly 6" or 15cm
Colours: Purple
Materials: 100% TPR (thermoplastic rubber)


The KONG Flexball is made from a flexible but durable material that really lasts. It's soft on the outside and lightweight, so no worries about your dog's teeth.  It's also wipeable so easy to clean.

It has a flexible form that rebounds to its original shape for long-lasting play, and has handle holes for tug or carrying for fetch.  Imagine a smallish football that has a form that doesn't depend on an internal air bladder, so no risk of popping.  We realise we're probably not doing it justice in this have a look at the photos for a better idea. 

Brutus' Review:

Well this dog toy was a surprise!  I've encountered the kind of footballs that you either pop within moments and end the fun, or my people have to keep pumping up.  This football-type dog toy is different and is loads of fun - I can nudge it around with my nose and paws, chase it, shake it around, or even play tug.  

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