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Carlos Crocodile by Petface Planet

Carlos Crocodile by Petface Planet

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Brand: Petface
Suitable For: Dogs and puppies
Features: Made from recycled bottles
Winner of Pet Industry Federation (PIF) Sustainability Award 2021
Internal squeaker
Insert a used plastic bottle (not included) to bring Carlos to life!
Sizes: One size - 400mm (H) x 190mm (W) x 80mm (D)
Colours: One colour option - Green (because that's the colour of a croc!)
Materials: 100% recycled post-consumer polyester
Squeaker 100% EVA


Please join us in welcoming Carlos Crocodile, part of the Petface Planet range. 

Carlos is a plush dog toy with a squeaker, and he's made from recycled plastic bottles!  

Does your dog like to chew plastic bottles?  Have you worried about them cutting their mouth on the sharp edges?  Well, worry no more.  You see, Carlos Crocodile has a pouch where you can insert a used plastic bottle, bringing him to life, and giving a great crunching sound.  No worries about mouth injuries, because the bottle is covered.  Replace bottle when necessary. 

The Petface Planet range was the proud winner of the Pet Industry Federation's (PIF) Sustainability Award in 2021.

Brutus' Review:

No wonder this toy is an award-winner!  It has plenty to keep me (and my people!) amused - it's a plush dog toy with a squeaker AND space for a plastic bottle so I can make a crunching noise too. It's different to my other toys...and I love it!  I'm saving the planet, one dog toy at a time.

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