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Woof & Brew Paw Pops Cooling Treats For Dogs

Woof & Brew Paw Pops Cooling Treats For Dogs

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Product Description

Paw Pops by WOOF&BREW are versatile dog treats. 

WOOF&BREW is the award-winning Pet Drinks Company, and produces some of the most unique, healthy tonics for pets.  Their mission is to provide refreshment and hydration for dogs, helping them live well, be happy, and feel loved.

Paw Pops are basically ice pops for dogs...but you can also use them to power up your dog's food.  They can be frozen, mixed with water, used on the go, or poured over kibble for a delicious treat for your dog.

Paw Pops have been developed with vets and nutritional experts and contain 100% natural herbs. 

They come in a liquid state for you to freeze at home, or use as they are.  Some serving suggestions:

Freeze at home

Put them in your freezer for at least 2 hours and give to your dog as a cooling treat on a warm day.

Herbal Refreshment

Mix with water for a refreshing herbal drink.

Elevate your dog's kibble

Pour one over your dog's kibble for a delicious treat.

Pack Info

Pack Size:  10 Paw Pops (10 x 50ml)

Ingredients: Water, Rooibos, Rose Petal, Lime Flower, Caramel (Natural), Citric Acid.  Preservative - Potassium Sorbate.

Best served frozen. Do not refreeze. Use before 'best before' date.

Take Care:

Recommended: 1 sachet per day.  Ensure fresh drinking water is always available.

Remove all packaging before use.

Not recommended for dogs under 4 months old.  Seek veterinary advice before usingif your dog is pregnant, a nursing mother, or has health issues.

Not suitable for human consumption.

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